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Month: November 2016

Pendulums and the role they play when changing your life

    Have you ever had what seemed like a random thought pop into your head? Well, it wasn’t random. That was one of the times you put a question out into the vibrational energy all around you and the Universe, or Universal Mind, kicked back an answer. If you would like to be able to get answers to specific questions almost on demand, learn whether you should or shouldn’t […]

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Life Is Hard, Quit Your Whining!

Ha! You thought that this was a mamby pamby I feel the glow of love self improvement blog!  Apparently you aren’t familiar with me yet!  I love people and love helping people make changes in their lives that move them forward not only toward a goal they have set but also to become the best people they can be i.e. not a waste of air which all of us know […]

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