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Month: December 2016

Use a Pendulum to Make Decisions


Learning to make better decisions is the cornerstone to acquiring the life you want.  I highly recommend and employ daily the power of a pendulum to help me make decisions.  Quit wrinkling your nose like you smell a fart!  If you are following my blog or have purchased A Life Well Made you know I believe in the power of the pendulum and its ability to harness and relay that […]

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Live Life Your Way

Live Life Your Way To live life the way you want to you must think for yourself.  Most people live someone else’s life meaning we think and act in accordance with the feelings, beliefs and experiences, both positive and negative, we absorbed as children and as formative adults.  If you didn’t have good role models in all aspects of life (and who did?!) you are going to have to learn […]

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Getting Through the Holidays

holiday decorations

Those of you who know me know I don’t do holidays.  I mean I do but as little as possible, just a glossing if you will.  Holidays are about gatherings, laughter, reminiscing, holding new babies you haven’t been introduced to, saying goodbye to those who are no longer with us. It is catching up on news and yes, the occasional fight or argument.  There will be tension because we all […]

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Boundaries and the Friend Zone

  Boundaries and the Friend Zone Today I would like to address one of the most confusing parts of being single-Boundaries. Boundaries are those imaginary lines you mark in the sand telling another person what you will and won’t put up with, what is and what isn’t acceptable behavior.  Everyone’s boundaries are different and you set different boundaries for different people and groups in your life. The boundaries you set […]

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No Room For Drama

I would like you to take a few minutes to study the graphic above.  Note the pretty colors and the easy to understand layout.  No they aren’t jelly beans!  Go eat some lunch! What stands out to you?  Ah, yes, the bright yellow in the first one is hurting your eyes isn’t it? It takes up lots of space and is mesmerizing and entrances you to focus on it.  Therein […]

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Posting Rude Comments Is A Symptom Of Self Hate

I would like to do an experiment today. I would like you to think about the last time you posted rude comments, said or wrote something nasty to/about someone, something that was completely uncalled for or something you said that really served no purpose but to be negative and/or make yourself feel more important. You know what I’m asking for, it’s that reply to a picture or a comment on […]

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