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I got lost yesterday

I got lost yesterday.  I seem to be getting lost a lot lately.   Not physically lost rather mentally lost.  I know you know what I am talking about. That feeling that you are not where you want to be, where your world is grey and cold instead of colorful and warm. What happened to the color in my life? We all have those days when introspection becomes an interrogation and […]

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Let’s Peel The Onion

Inspiration can come from any direction, at any time and in any form. The blog I was going to write got pushed aside for this one. I was working on a new novel with a kick ass main character who is a mediator but not just any mediator. She’s not the “let’s keep things nice and civil” kind. Nope. She’s a rip into ya, let the guts fall all over […]

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Life Is Hard, Quit Your Whining!

Ha! You thought that this was a mamby pamby I feel the glow of love self improvement blog!  Apparently you aren’t familiar with me yet!  I love people and love helping people make changes in their lives that move them forward not only toward a goal they have set but also to become the best people they can be i.e. not a waste of air which all of us know […]

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