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Follow the Clues to Find your Path


The path you are supposed to be on isn’t always obvious.  Sometimes it is more like a trail of breadcrumbs laid down by the universe you are supposed to follow.

A couple of months ago I ordered a book on Amazon and downloaded it to my Kindle.  I also wanted a journal so I headed to Barnes and Noble to look for one.  Once there I didn’t find what I was looking for but decided to wander over to where the book I had on my Kindle was in paperback just to thumb through it.  I love digital downloads but do miss a real book!

Once there I flipped through the book, put it back and continued to look in that section.  My attention was caught by another book entitled the War of Art by Steven Pressfield.  Ok, that’s an intriguing title.  I pulled it out, plopped down on the carpet right there in the middle of the isle and began reading.

Once I’d read 15 or so pages I grabbed the book next to it on the shelf, also by Steven Pressfield, entitled Tap Your Inner Power and Create Your Life’s Work.  Two books I highly recommend.

My brain was about ready to explode!  These books were talking to ME!

You have heard me talk in a previous post about bread crumbs.  These books were part of the trail I was supposed to be following and have been following ever since.

These two books finally got me out of the thinking and into the doing.  The biggest thing for me is though I have always wanted to be a writer, had written 7 books at this point, I was still wishy washy meaning though I wanted to be a writer I didn’t think of myself as a writer.

Once I cemented in my mind that I WAS a writer, that what I wanted to do for the rest of my life was write, I scheduled time to write every day.

How that Thought Changed my Perspective and Cemented my Path

They say when you do something every day it gets easier and that is true.  At first I found myself staring at the computer monitor like some game of Stare-who would blink first because nothing was going on the screen from my fingers.

After a couple days of not being particularly productive ideas in the form of words started to appear on the monitor and soon whole sentences, paragraphs and then pages.  Whooooopyy!  I was writing.  And it was easy. When I say easy I mean the ideas began to flow and flood and I couldn’t seem to get them out fast enough.

During this time I had made plans to take my mom up to Olympia to visit her sister.  We had a nice lunch then decided to do some running around.  We stopped at the local farmers market (amazing!) a couple of thrift stores and finally found ourselves in a new age-y type shop.

I wandered around and was looking in one of the glass cases at rocks (I love rocks!) when I felt my attention being pulled to a book.  It was Pendulum Magic for Beginners by Richard Webster.  I can’t explain it but I had to buy it.

Had I ever had an inclination to use a pendulum?  No.  I had seen them used in the show Charmed where one of the sisters used a pendulum to locate someone or something by putting it over a map.  My massage therapist had used one to tell if my chakra were aligned and spinning properly.  Had I ever entertained what they could do beyond those two examples? No.

I put the book in my bag and when I got home later that night quickly thumbed through it.  I honestly wondered why I had felt compelled to purchase it.  Suddenly I remembered one of my sons’ friends had left a pendulum (coincidence or divine forethought?) at the house and I had put it away.  I dug it out and held it in my hand.

I read a bit more as I glanced skeptically at the pendulum lying on the counter next to me.  Hmmmm.  Might as well try it out.  I read a bit, then did what it said.  OMG!  The fucking thing responded!  I dropped it on the counter and just stared at it.

I progressed rapidly using a pendulum and suddenly the book I had wanted to write, the one I knew was in me but didn’t know exactly what it would be about, came to me all at once.  It was like all the pieces finally fell into place and the result was my book A Life Well Made which you may have seen advertised on Facebook.

What Does all This Mean?

The point to all of this is there is a path you are supposed to be following and you feel it.  When something seemingly random happens in your life let it happen, follow its lead, see where it goes.  It took me a while for all my dots to connect but when they did it was cosmic-the universe put everything I needed into my hands and I saw the big picture that had been in the works all along.

You see the pendulum was the last part of what I needed to pull the idea I had for a book together.  Without the pendulum the book never would have come to be.  Being open to accepting random happenings, knowing there was a big picture I couldn’t yet see allowed me to just do without question.

Maybe you have felt this pull before, maybe you followed it, did what you felt you were supposed to do at that moment and you are nodding your head YES!  I get it!  Maybe you think I’m full of shit and need to stick my pendulum where the sun doesn’t shine.

Whichever way you think is right for you but I would like to offer a suggestion.  The next time something happens, or you feel compelled to do something but don’t understand why, just do it (nothing illegal mind you).  Later down the road you might have an “ah ha” moment where you realize where you are, what you are doing and thinking had been in the works since that first thing you did but didn’t know why you were doing it.

Life is not random, I promise.  There is a reason, sometimes a painful lesson you need to learn before you can progress, tie up loose ends, get your ducks in order.  Once you are in what I call a neutral space you can progress but be ready, sometimes your path comes in the form of a raging river taking you to places you never thought possible.  Roll with it, use your brain and hold on!  The ride may not be smooth but I can guarantee it will be the ride of your life!

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