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Live Life Your Way


Live Life Your Way

To live life the way you want to you must think for yourself.  Most people live someone else’s life meaning we think and act in accordance with the feelings, beliefs and experiences, both positive and negative, we absorbed as children and as formative adults.  If you didn’t have good role models in all aspects of life (and who did?!) you are going to have to learn some new ways of doing things so your life is better than those who taught you how to live.

The problem is most of us are filled up with other peoples’ crap and react to situations according to THEIR crap. When you make decisions based on THEIR fears and experiences the outcome affect YOUR life, not theirs.

You currently live life according to what you were told and witnessed instead of living your life according to who you are and what you want.  And yes, as a child there is no other way to learn except by examples-words and actions.  But you are a sentient being who is capable, now that you are older, of taking information from many different sources and sort it according to what is advantageous to your life and what is detrimental.

You may have been raised in a family that didn’t have much money and because of what you heard, “I will never have enough, I don’t understand money, money and wealth and happiness are for other people, I will always be poor, no one in our family ever succeeds” you are ingrained with these subconscious thoughts and live your life according to what is in you-other people’s fears and beliefs.

What if you were to stop letting all that crap (using the money example above) keep you from having money?  How do you do that?  You start by purging.  Yes.  You are going to puke up all the nasty, black, gooey crap that has to do with money.  Done?  Good. Drink some water and get that taste out of your mouth.

Now mop up the floor and change your shoes.  You are now empty of all preconceived ideas about money.  You are going to refill that space labeled “money” in your brain with new thoughts.  Thoughts like “money is for everyone who desires and works for it.  The only thing keeping me from having money is thinking I cannot have it.  Money is waiting for me.”  I think you get the picture.

Your brain only uses what you feed it (your thoughts) to power and direct your life.  Your brain doesn’t care which direction you go, it is merely the vehicle. Your thoughts are guided by the desires of your heart which control your thoughts and determine the path you take.

You may think it is hokey to talk to yourself but you do it all day long as it is!  The difference is instead of talking to yourself in a negative way (I can’t, I won’t ever be, I don’t deserve, I wasn’t born to, I will never be anything etc.) which you do hundreds of times a day subconsciously, you are going to consciously talk positive to yourself.

It’s not easy at first and it will take time.  You are forming new habits and there has to be conscious effort when making new habits.  At first you feel dumb talking to yourself (even though you have been doing it subconsciously) all your life.  But don’t let that stop you!  You don’t need to say stuff out loud; no one is going to know what you are saying to yourself unless you are a mumbler!

You need a Road Map to Find your Way

When you want to change your life you need a road map.  Sure you can try to do it on your own and you might be able to change one or two things.  However if you would like to change ALL of you that you feel needs changing to live life the way you see it in your mind, A Life Well Made is such a map.

I’m not saying that just because I wrote it.  I’m saying it because it works.  When I started writing the book I thought I was in a pretty good place in my life.  My row of ducks was pretty straight, only one or two decided they wanted to go on a walk-about.  But imagine my surprise when, as I wrote, I realized I was still living in the shadow of the life I wanted to live.

Well slap my ass and call me Sally!  I still had some major learnin’ to do!  Writing A Life Well Made saved my life and put me on the path I was supposed to be on!

You may feel you have dug yourself so deep into the rabbit hole of life there is only a tiny sliver of light illuminating your surroundings.  The choices you have made have dropped you deeper and deeper into despair.  You have landed hard on your ass and wish things were the way they were before it all started to go to shit.  You sigh, shake your head sadly and think, “but I’ve fucked things up so bad how can I ever fix my life?”

You start by acknowledging you fucked up.  Many times.

The only reason you are where you are is you didn’t control your thoughts which became actions which became tragic mistakes which you tried to cover with lies and more negative actions which you didn’t take time to think out before doing.

Consequences: How Deep is the Hole You are Digging?

I used to be the Queen of “flying by the seat of my pants” doing what I wanted to do damn the consequences.  I would deal with them later.  And boy did I!  Each consequence was another shovel of dirt out of the hole I was digging myself into.

It took me years before I was ready to stare my life in the face and decide I was really fuckered up and needed to change or I would never be happy.  The process was uncomfortable because I didn’t want to take an honest look at myself, my thought patterns and behaviors and call myself out on them.

But this was the beginning of my healing and as I purged more and more shit I felt lighter and lighter and decisions I used to make lightly took on a lot more significance because I learned to look into the future at possible outcomes.

If there was even an inkling of a negative outcome, even one I thought I could handle “no problem” I didn’t do whatever it was I was contemplating. Why?  Because even a small mess takes time and effort and at the very least an apology to rectify.

If I was trying to move forward why would I knowingly make a decision that took me backwards, even just a few inches?  Wasn’t my goal in front of me?

If you find yourself at the bottom of a really deep, dark hole and would like a ladder to help you climb out, I’m throwing you the ladder.  The only choice you have to make is: Is the life you want worth the time and effort needed to climb the ladder?  The ladder only reaches down the hole so far, if you keep digging you won’t be able to reach it.

There is no time like now to start making the changes that will enhance your life, your soul, your happiness.  Don’t let fear keep you from what you know you can have.  The only power fear has over you is what you give it.  It’s time to starve that little fucker out! Get your copy of A Life Well Made today!

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