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Use a Pendulum to Make Decisions


Learning to make better decisions is the cornerstone to acquiring the life you want.  I highly recommend and employ daily the power of a pendulum to help me make decisions.  Quit wrinkling your nose like you smell a fart!  If you are following my blog or have purchased A Life Well Made you know I believe in the power of the pendulum and its ability to harness and relay that information to you.

A pendulum is a very useful and valuable tool when it comes to re-learning to listen to that little voice inside your heart that used to be your moral compass before you (your brain) decided you didn’t need a moral compass.

You have been doing exactly and only what you desire damn the consequences!  And if this has worked well for you I’m glad. But for most of us our desires have completely whitewashed what is actually good for us in exchange for what we want.  Which isn’t always what is best for us.

You see desire is like the little guy on your shoulder, you know the one with horns, whispering sweet nothings in your ear telling you to just “do it!” and sweep up the broken pieces later.

Up until this point you have been living by desire.  If you have been following specific desires to reach specific goals you are doing great!  But for the vast majority of people desire has gotten you to a place of depression, anger, self-loathing and pain.

What?  Desire is good you say!  Yes, it can be when set on a path toward a specific goal.  Desire is a wonderful vehicle that can propel you toward immense reward.  But it can just as easily take you in the complete opposite direction of where you see your life.

How do Pendulums Work?

The pendulum is a tool to help you get back on track.  By stating your desire and asking your pendulum in a yes/no format whether what you desire is a good next move for your overall goal you take the guesswork out of your decision making process.

A pendulum harnesses the energy of the Universe and put it in your hands.  It doesn’t lie, may not tell you what you WANT to hear but it will tell you what you SHOULD hear and consequently do for the best outcome.

There is energy all around you.  Your radio, television, internet and phone are just a few of the things that take advantage of the energy surrounding you. So why not also believe a pendulum has the ability to harness and use this energy?

Think of a pendulum as a super computer that you ask a question and it spits out an answer.  If you were really typing words into a computer and it gave you an answer just like a search engine, would you believe the answer given?  Probably because it was a familiar vehicle for information (though not always correct).

Did you know pendulums have been around for hundreds of years going back to Galileo Galilei?  That they were used by Nobel Prize Winner Charles Richet, Robert Boyle who is called the “father of modern chemistry” and General Patton who served in WWII!

Think of a pendulum as the world’s tiniest computer with all the answers of the universe locked inside just waiting to be accessed.  With such amazing power literally at your fingertips why wouldn’t you take advantage of its knowledge?

Because being told whether we should or shouldn’t do something reminds you of being a kid when you were told what to do by adults.  But if you stop to think about that time, your formative years before you knew how to make a sound decision that would keep you from harm, your parent’s words were said to guide and protect you for the best outcome in a given situation.

How have your Decision Making Skills Worked out so Far?

As you got older and started making decisions for yourself you pulled in the knowledge you had been taught but you also started to realize you could do anything you wanted!  Oh boy!  The possibilities!  Not so fast Buddy.  Yes, the possibilities were truly endless as were the consequences.

The problem with having free will, the ability to choose to do whatever the hell you want, is consequences.  Yes, that dreaded little word that holds the key to your happiness and ease of life.

When there are positive consequences you are happy, moving in a forward direction with the wind at your back making life seemingly effortless (or at least less stressful) but when the consequences are negative the problems begin.

Negative consequences set you back, make you angry at yourself and keep you from reaching any goals you may have set for yourself.  Negative consequences are those mountains you find in your way which make your life arduous.

Can you see how your decisions determine whether your path is smooth and easy or rocky and hard?  If given the option which path would you take?  The smooth and easy one of course!

The tradeoff is you must STOP and THINK before acting if you want smooth and easy.  This is where the pendulum comes in.  Right now you suck at making decisions that move your life forward.  You are guided by desire with no destination except instant gratification.

Don’t get me wrong, when you make the right decision there is always instant gratification that is positive!  Isn’t that enough to make you see the right decision has its perks?

Making the Right Decision doesn’t Always line up with what you Desire

The instant gratification I am referring to when making the right decision, the decision that keeps you moving in a forward direction toward a goal you have set, is you are still going forward!

The right decision doesn’t always mean the decision you WANT to make.  In fact, a lot of times the right decision isn’t the one you want because it involves the word no.  For example you really like one of your coworkers in a sexual way.  Oops!  You or they are married or unavailable.

Now you could pursue the person and get what you want but there will be consequences.  You are either going to get caught, break up your relationship, their relationship, get yourself beat up or the guilt of what you are doing is going to change the way you see your life.  You may hurt someone you truly loved, have to fight for custody of your children, live in an apartment instead of your nice house.

Use your imagination, let it run wild to the dark side of what you are doing.  Hell, just watch any movie with the same plot and you can see the outcome a mile away.  Pain, sorrow, self-loathing, guilt.  All for what?  A little “uh uh” on the side?

If you really think through what you are contemplating and feel the consequences are minimal compared to how much forward progress you will make, then go for it. But if you run the scenario through your head and see the trail of broken hearts and lives behind you, you might want to reconsider your desire.

This way of thinking works for any situation you face but if you want an immediate answer without going through all the pros and cons in your head where desire can still influence your decision, whip out your pendulum and ask it “should I be doing X?”  Wait for an answer.  If you get a “no” answer you can ask the question again in a different way to see if you get a different answer but chances are you are going to keep getting the same answer.

Pendulums Help you Stay on Track

The pendulum takes so much time and effort out of making decisions!  And though the answers you get by using a pendulum do come from the Universal Mind, the energy all around us that strives for balance, the answer you get is also your subconscious mind telling you what is RIGHT, not necessarily what you desire.

You have lived your life so far doing what you desire which is not synonymous with what is best for your life, your future, your forward moving path.  We don’t like to be told no but no is there to keep you from making mistakes.

Just like when you were little and adults told you not to touch the hot stove or run with scissors, they were trying to keep you from harm. You didn’t like that they told you no but regardless of whether you understood why you were told no the outcome was better than if they had told you yes.

The pendulum tells you yes and it will tell you no.  If you listen to it when it tells you yes you must listen to it when it tells you no.  Otherwise you might as well hang it from your rearview mirror for decoration because you aren’t using it as the tool it is.

If you want to have a life you are proud of, love yourself and be at peace you must learn to make decisions that move you forward and use any and all tools that make this process easier.  A pendulum and A Life Well Made are two such tools.  Use them!


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