A Life Well Made

Let's figure your shit out and get you where you want to be!

My Mission

My Mission is to help others attain the life they desire through the marriage of psychology, metaphysiology, spirituality and a large dollop of humor.

I am not a psychologist or a therapist, I am a student of life and all the crap that goes with it.  What I do have is 30 years of working in the beauty/service industry which allowed me intimate contact with men and women who shared their fears and desires, what they were trying to accomplish and how they failed, time and time again.

A common denominator through all of my clients was a feeling of being lost. They knew where they wanted to go but were paralyzed for one reason or another, one fear or another, unable to make progress past a certain point.

I began wondering what getting from point A to point B really entailed. What would help someone get a clear view of what their strengths and weaknesses were and what steps could be taken to strengthen the weaknesses.

At first I decided to work on my own screwed up life, try to fix the problems I had with relationships and money. I thought it would be easy-read some books and put the suggestions into action. But the more I worked toward the goals I'd set I realized the path was not the narrow line I had envisioned but found there were many things that needed to happen concurrently for any forward motion to happen.

I thought the changes necessary to reach a definite goal would be linear but as I progressed I had to keep stopping to make other changes related to, but in my mind not necessary for, the attainment of my definite goal.

If I was having this halted progress I wondered if others were to. What I realized was to reach your definite goal, no matter what that means to you, you must change all, not part of your life, who you are, to achieve the life you desire. You must change the whole person, not just the part that desires fame, money, happiness etc. The whole must evolve and advance, the self must be redefined, the mind, body and soul must work together before the desire can become reality.

The key to changing your life is multifaceted. By identifying and removing unfounded fears and destructive habits, learning to control your thoughts, taking responsibility for your actions, ingraining new thought patterns and habits, fine tuning nonverbal communications and learning how to live a healthy life all work together to achieve lasting change.

A Life Well Made was born and soon it was helping people from all walks of life achieve what they thought was impossible. Worksheets, charts and visual activities supplied the understanding of where they were starting from and helped paint a much simpler picture of how they could attain a definite goal.

The further along in their development they went, the more they looked forward to the next goal to work on. Men and women began reaching the goals they set but that wasn't the best part. The people they became along the way, that's the best part.

I want others to experience the amazing feeling of what it means to love yourself and be proud of who you are and your actions. But the cherry on top is you will attain goals and find yourself in a place of true harmony. Who wouldn't want that?

I want to hear how you are doing, what little tweaks you make to the information you get from A LIfe Well Made that makes your progress easier. We are all in this together, sharing information and supporting each other. You are not an island, you cannot make it on your own; cooperation, not competition is what will make your goals attainable.

I want to start a movement, a community where we hold each other up, not tear each other down. My goal is to help as many people heal their broken hearts, fix their broken lives so that even if the scars of past mistakes linger, the pain and sadness no longer does and the future you see is A Life Well Made.

In the trenches with you always, Kelly Ojstersek

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