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Let’s Peel The Onion

Inspiration can come from any direction, at any time and in any form. The blog I was going to write got pushed aside for this one. I was working on a new novel with a kick ass main character who is a mediator but not just any mediator. She’s not the “let’s keep things nice and civil” kind. Nope. She’s a rip into ya, let the guts fall all over […]

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OMG! My first hate mail! Oh, and I mean HATE! Wow!

Honestly I don’t mind, I’m happy actually. It means I struck a nerve which sometimes means there is a fear of introspection because once you open up the vault, if you’ve stuffed shit in it for years and are one of those people who collect thoughts, feelings and personal affronts like candy at a parade, I would be worried about opening that door too! I don’t think they hate me […]

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